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New BeaconFlash competition!

Exciting news! BeaconLit is running a new 500-word (maximum) competition, called BeaconFlash, in collaboration with Morgen Bailey.

See the 500-word Competition page for more details and to enter but the basics are:

  • The deadline is the last day of every month from July to May, with the theme being that month (i.e. December’s theme is December so you can write about anything associated with, or that happens in, December);
  • The maximum word count is 500 words (no minimum but there must be a start, middle, and end… or open-ended with a hint at a conclusion);
  • a £2 fee per story entered.
  • The results announced at the literary festival, i.e. opens July 2017 ends each month up to the end of May 2018 with the results being announced at the 14th July 2018 festival.
  • Prizes: £50 plus free festival entry, £25 plus free festival entry, 8 x free festival entry. The first competition’s prizes will be presented at the 2018 festival so the ‘free entry’ will apply to the 2019 festival.


Writer of 'dark and light' (crime / chick-lit) fiction since 2005, WordPress blogger since March 2011, freelance editor (£2-£7/K) since March 2012, and creative writing tutor since January 2014. Also judge for H.E. Bates, and BeaconFlash / BBC Radio 2 / Althorp Lit Fest 500-word comps.

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