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BeaconLit 500-word comp (final) Round 11 – May 2018 winners announced

We are delighted to announce the top three stories from May’s entries are (in alphabetical order):

  • Love your Fete
  • ‘Mayday, Mayday’
  • The Wisdom of Scarecrows

These three stories will now go through to the final judging and the top ten prize-winning authors (not necessarily the same as the top ten stories as no author can win more than one prize) will be announced at the 2018 BeaconLit literary festival on Saturday 14th July. The second BeaconLit 500-word competition will open on 1st August with specific rather than month-themed topics.

If your story for this month isn’t listed above, you are welcome to do whatever you like with your submission hereon in. If your story is listed, it’s possible that it could be placed in the top three which will be announced (and possibly read out) at the festival then published on this website (and on and Morgen’s blog).

If you have requested, and paid for, critique, this will be with you in the next few days.

Morgen’s feedback on the stories received this month:

“Another fantastic selection of stories to end this year’s competition. There were sweet stories, sad ones, funny ones. I won’t be seeing Mary Berry in the same light from now on! Many could have made the top three but it was those that made me laugh, go “Ooh” or “Wow” and were closest to the theme that made the grade, as the cliché goes.

“Please don’t be disappointed if your story hasn’t been selected this month as seven made the shortlist with a tough choice to chop four. In most months, there were stories that so loosely followed the theme that the story could have happened during any other month (in that season or the year) or the person named after the month could have easily been called something else. There should be more substance to the story, fitting closer to the theme.

“The stories that didn’t make the top three each month can’t be entered it again to this competition but there are many other outlets that would likely be suitable. I don’t get to see who has sent which stories but I have been very impressed by the quality of the submissions and I’m a tough crowd. You’re putting pen to paper and / or fingers to keyboard so you should all be incredibly proud.”


Although Morgen judges on the impact of the stories and the quality of the writing, it’s always disappointing when there are simple spelling mistakes or even simpler errors that should have been picked up during the editing process. Please do read your stories carefully before submitting and ideally show them to someone you trust for their opinion.


The competition is now closed for this year. We thank you for all your submissions and look forward to reading your stories next time round.



Writer of 'dark and light' (crime / chick-lit) fiction since 2005, WordPress blogger since March 2011, freelance editor (£2-£7/K) since March 2012, and creative writing tutor since January 2014. Also judge for H.E. Bates, and BeaconFlash / BBC Radio 2 / Althorp Lit Fest 500-word comps.

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